This introductory programme is intended for owners of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras wanting to move off ‘Auto’ and get to grips with the ‘exposure triangle’ (aperture, shutter speed & ISO) and other basic issues of control, for example, movement and depth of field.   Taught 1:1.

This course builds on the application of technical and conceptual understanding from part 1. Compositional techniques wil be explored in greater depth plus the use of RAW file format shooting and an introduction to post- production image processing using software such as Adobe Lightroom.

Shooting outside the studio environment can present particular issues in terms of weather, lighting, and the location itself, and of course working with models! Finding locations and making the best use of the environment together with balancing the use of battery powered electronic flash lighting with the natural lighting conditions.

This course will explore the various technical issues arising from photographing a broad range of events. Anything from family occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, through external location functions, to corporate entertainment. Techniques such as using fill-in flash, radio triggers, as well as legal rights will be explored.

This one day course introduces the creative application of the rules of photographic composition. There is a balance of illustrated instruction and practical application. Camera menus will be explored, such as file formats,  together with advanced use of semi-auto and manual exposure modes.

What is a Portrait? This concept is explained through an exploration of work by some of the greatest exponents of the genre. You will learn all about portait lighting techniques in the studio using professional electronic flash and how to use off camera flash with ambient lighting on location.

Working in external locations at night has its own particular technical difficulties, which will be explored through location practice in both brightly lit urban locations and unlit suburban/countryside areas. Depending on weather conditions there may also be a chance to explore the night sky.

There is a growing need for small manufacturing companies and craft businesses to regularly update their products online. This course will teach you how to avoid the inconvenience and ongoing costs of commissioning a photographer each time by being able to produce professional results yourself with a relatively small outlay.